T. Rex Prank Scares the Crap Out of Auditioning Actors (VIDEO)

If you run a studio that produces animatronic dinosaurs for rental, how can you not prank every single person who comes into your office?

Photo credit: KHA Entertainment

That seems to be the approach taken by the people at KHA Entertainment, at least. In the video above, the studio pranks a bunch of hopeful actors (looking for a role in a pilot) with a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume that bursts through the wall. This is actually the third time the studio has pulled this prank, which suggests that there really isn’t much to do with realistic dinosaur costumes other than putting them in movies and scaring people with them.

Though the prank was somewhat sloppily executed — the paper walls didn’t tip anyone off? Really? Did you not do any research about the company you’re auditioning for? — it was still pretty effective this time around. The woman at the end got so freaked out that she fell down and almost smashed her head on the wall. It’s all good, though; she got the job (or at least some other job) — that’s her at the beginning of the video. If you can’t beat the pranksters, I suppose the next best thing is to join ’em.

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