Technological Leap to Next-Gen Consoles “Won’t Be As Obvious,” Bioware Art Director Says

The art director for one of the video game industry’s biggest companies has suggested that the improvements introduced by the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox 720 won’t be as dramatic as those changes seen with the release of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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In a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine (OXM), Neil Thompson, art director at Bioware — known for hugely popular franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic — said this about the next generation of video game consoles:

“For the next generation there will be a big leap, but it won’t be as obvious … People will do things in a cleverer fashion — and I have to be careful here as there are non-disclosure agreements involved.”

Thompson added that technology used by the last generation of consoles “caught folks by surprise,” because of “the number of people you needed and the skillset jump that was required to do the work that people expected.”

“In the last generation the perception was that it was going to be a ten times improvement over the previous generation,” Thompson added.

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And while the Xbox 360 may not have been ten times more powerful or innovative than the original Xbox, Thompson indicated that the transition from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox 720 won’t be nearly as dramatic.

In related news, Bungie, the developer behind highly-anticipated game Destiny, says that last-gen versions of the title won’t be dramatically inferior to next-gen versions of the game.

“We’ve been planning for multiple hardware platforms from the very beginning, and while we can’t get into the minute technical details of each console, we’re fully committed to delivering our full vision for Destiny on every console we ship on,” Bungie said.

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