The Horsemeat Epidemic Has Now Reached Ikea Meatballs (Not the Meatballs!)

Photo credit: Ikea

Planning an excursion to Ikea this week to shop for furniture get lost in a sadistic maze created by evil Swedes hell-bent on world domination? Have fun. Just don’t eat the meatballs, okay?

The horsemeat scandal that rocked Europe recently has now extended to the Swedish retailer, after tests revealed traces of horse flesh in meatballs (Kottbullar, to be specific) sold in Ikea stores in the Czech Republic. The normally tasty Swedish meatballs are sold both in Ikea’s in-store restaurants and as a frozen, take-home product.

Ikea has announced that it will halt sales of the affected meatballs in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Britain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland. Wow, that’s a lot of meatballs.

“We do not tolerate any other ingredients than the ones stipulated in our recipes or specifications, secured through set standards, certifications and product analysis by accredited laboratories,” representatives of Ikea said in a very predictable statement.

Guys… seriously… who keeps putting horsemeat in food? Wouldn’t it just be easier to put in real beef? How do you even sneak a horse into a cow/pig slaughterhouse without getting discovered? Is there some large-scale conspiracy to make all of us eat horse?

Also, is eating horse even really that bad? If you eat cow and pig and chicken, why would horse be any different? It’s obviously not cool to sell a product and say that it’s something it’s not, but why are people so outraged about eating horse?

Finally, did anyone seriously expect meatballs that sell for literally pennies a ball to contain nothing but the highest quality ingredients? Ikea sells furniture made from sawdust that gets re-formed into boards that kind of resemble wood. If anything, we should be happy that the meatballs were found to contain real meat.

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