50 Cent and Erin Andrews’ ‘Kiss’ Made For Wonderfully Awkward Television (VIDEO)

It was live on FOX for everyone to see (and subsequently grimace), and now it will live forever on the Interwebs. Erin Andrews, roaming the Daytona International Speedway infield and pit road, looking for Danica Patrick, had the good misfortune of bumping into her old buddy, 50 Cent.

You probably weren’t watching the Daytona 500 yesterday, so you probably missed this morsel of delicious, social awkwardness:

Say what you will about 50 Cent and the kiss, but at least some of the blame for this awkward exchange has to fall on Andrews, the inept Daytona race officials and ultimately, Danica Patrick. This segment was already awkward as Andrews roamed the road, trying to fill dead air while working toward Patrick’s car. When she spotted 50 Cent, she acted pleasantly surprised, as if she wanted to do a quick interview. She could have waved and moved on.

The kiss itself, though? I’ve got nothing but pity for Mr. Cent. In the video, the poor guy looks like he’s bored out of his mind, searching for any familiar face to pull him from the hell he’s trapped in. That kiss looks like a “Please get me out of here…” greeting if I’ve ever seen one.

Bottom line, there is some absolute truth in all of this: when you’re looking for Danica Patrick on race day, you should know you’re searching in vain. She never shows up on race day.

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