Microsoft to Reveal Xbox 720 (Or Whatever It’s Called) at April Event

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Sony may have gotten the jump on showing the world its next-generation console (without, you know, actually showing us the console itself), but Microsoft won’t be lagging far behind.

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is prepping for an April event in which it will show the world its own next-gen gaming console, rumored to be called the Xbox 720.

Citing evidence such as the recent registration of the online domain, The Verge reports that it appears highly likely gamers will get a look at what Microsoft has to offer well in advance of E3 in June (an event many had pegged as the likely debut of the next Xbox).

Then again, it’s possible that no decision has been made on Microsoft’s end and these rumors are simply intended to take some of the attention that Sony earned with its PlayStation 4 launch on Tuesday evening. Sony impressed with several of their new features, such as the ability to easily share gameplay video on social networks and even stream live gameplay, but left gamers wanting in other areas.

The pressure will be on Microsoft to blow Sony out of the water and cement the next-gen Xbox as the console to purchase this holiday season.

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