Guys Arrested When Unfunny Abduction Prank Goes Wrong (VIDEO)

Wannabe pranksters of the world, I implore you: before you head out into the real world with all your camera gear and the goal of getting YouTube famous, take a moment to ask yourself whether your prank is actually funny. Really dig deep and prepare to be honest with yourself. If it isn’t funny, then please consider just staying home and lighting your farts on fire or something. You’ll thank me.

Photo via 7NEWS

Right about now, a group of Australian twenty-somethings is probably wishing they had called off their stupid prank. They were arrested after a prank video they were shooting on a public street caused witnesses to call the police. (A brief aside — they don’t have 911 in Australia? They have to dial 000? Super weird.)

The prank involved a handcuffed, gagged and naked dude escaping out of the back of a car at a stoplight. A passenger then got out of the car and chased him off into some trees.

That’s it. That was the prank. Jokes on… you? Me? I have no idea what the joke even is.

If you can find a punchline in there, then please let the rest of us know what it is. The group of pranksters has supposedly been at it for years, so maybe they’ve just completely run out of creative juice.

The prank was recorded back in the fall, but police have just pressed charges against the pranksters after calling witnesses and determining that “significant police resources had been expended… to investigate the suspected kidnapping.”

They’ll likely get off with a slap on the wrist — staging a kidnapping isn’t exactly in the same legal vicinity as actually kidnapping someone. Frankly, they deserve to be punished for thinking such a dumb idea was worth doing.

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