Beards Are So Awesome They Now Officially Prevent Skin Cancer

Photo credit: Raymond Leon Roker on Flickr

Beard up, brothers. Pay no mind to your girlfriend’s complaints that your beard makes your face scratchy or gets food stuck in it. Now, you can tell her that you’re doing it for a purpose far greater than the fact that beards look totally bad-ass.

According to a recent study performed by scientists at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, beards prevent cancer. No joke.

Specifically, beards block 90 to 95 percent of harmful UV rays from reaching the skin on your face, which greatly reduces the risk of skin cancer.

How did scientists figure this out? They didn’t grow beards and start hanging out at the beach, unfortunately. Instead, they left special mannequins out in the sun — some with beards and some without — and measured how much sunlight made it through the hairs to the skin below.

Awesomely, the researchers also found that beards have other benefits beyond acting as cancer shields. They can also trap allergens like pollen and dust, preventing them from entering your body.

Beards: is there anything they can’t do?

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