Is Apple Getting Ready to Release an iWatch? Recent Patent Filing Suggests So

With Apple’s stock sliding since September, it seems now would be the time to introduce a hot new iDevice. Well, that slick new product may be an “iWatch,” given that the US Patent and Trademark Office recently published a patent application for a very similar idea.

That patent is officially called the “Bi-Stable Spring with Flexible Display.” The accompanying blurb describes a snap-on, “wearable video device arranged to be worn by an end-user.”

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The application goes on to say that the device will feature a highly-adjustable band, making it possible to sell the same product to both big and small people.

The device will also feature touchscreen controls and “a wireless communications antenna,” meaning users should be able to use the iWatch to check the weather, sports headlines and their email inboxes.

The description doesn’t provide any information about processing power, indicating that the device might be tethered to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

This isn’t the first time Apple has flirted with touchscreen wristband devices. The firm’s sixth-generation postage-stamp-style iPod Nano (which incorporated the clip design seen on the iPod Shuffle) was small enough to fit on the wrist and the firm sold wristbands so that people could wear it like a watch.

However, because the sixth-gen Nano wasn’t specifically designed to be worn as a watch, it couldn’t be considered the first iWatch.

ZDNet has published a possible design for the iWatch, which you can see here. What do you guys think? Good idea, or not so much?

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