Where to Stream Tonight’s PlayStation 4 Event

At 6 p.m. ET this evening, Sony will unveil the future of video games.

At least, that’s what everyone expects. Though it seems a lock that Sony’s event in New York City will show us the PlayStation 4, it’s worth noting that the rumors about what tonight’s event will entail are still unconfirmed. The fact that Sony hasn’t denied that the PS4 will take center stage tonight tells us everything we need to know, however. You can bet your house that it’s going to happen.

Photo credit: Sony

The event will be streamed live around the world and there are several different ways you can watch it. The easiest is probably to head over to the official PlayStation blog a bit before 6 p.m. and find the post about the event, in which video will be embedded. Better yet, just bookmark this post right now. You’ll also be able to find the video on PlayStation.com.

For those who’d rather watch the video while simultaneously reading independent commentary and jokes about what’s happening, then any of the major gaming blogs will have you covered. Polygon’s live blog is sure to do a good job of this, as is IGN‘s and Game Trailers.

If you’d prefer watch the event from the comfort of your couch, you can turn on your PlayStation 3 and watch everything via PlayStation Home. Just go to the “What’s New” section in the PS3’s XrossMediaBar (still one of the dumbest names ever).

Wherever you choose to stream the PS4 event, it’s probably a good idea to have a mobile phone nearby for checking Twitter. The hashtags #ps4 and #playstation2013 are sure to be very active and full of a lot of great jokes and GIFs. After all, these big events never go off without a few hitches.

Enjoy the big event!

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