This Is What Google Glass Actually Looks Like (VIDEO)

Until today, the only evidence we had of what it would be like to actually wear and use Google Glass (no longer called Project Glass — perhaps because it’s ready to graduate from project to real thing) was the initial promotional video Google released. It showed a guy moving around his city with the help of Glass, buying a ukulele and playing his girlfriend a song from the top of a building.

Photo credit: Google

Now, thanks to a video called “How It Feels” posted at, Google is giving the world a more precise look at exactly what it will feel like to use Glass. And it feels pretty futuristic, if a bit limited.

The initial feature set appears to be pared down from what we saw in the first promo — you can search things on the Internet, dictate text messages, do video chat and take pictures and videos of what you’re seeing. That list will have to expand in the future if Glass is to be the product that makes augmented reality essential for the masses, but it definitely looks like a good start.

As the new video shows, everything Glass does appears in a box in the top right corner of your field of vision — which makes sense. The first video made it seem like you’d see stuff right in the middle of your line of sight, which would be very distracting (and dangerous) for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t appear to have updated the design of the glasses themselves, apart from producing them in more colors. They still look ridiculously dorky and it’s going to take a lot of guts to be the first person in your family/group of friends/office to take the bold step of attaching them to your face and going out in public.

Photo credit: Google

Photo credit: Google

Google’s actively looking for those brave few initial adopters, it turns out. A contest is being held in which anyone who posts an update to Twitter or Google+ using the hashtag #ifihadglass will be eligible to receive an Explorer Edition of Glass — which developers can pre-order for a cool $1,500.

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  1. what is the name of the artist and song used in the video?