Jeep Got Hacked for Real, But MTV Faked Being Hacked

Your up-to-the-minute corporate Twitter account hacking update: Jeep’s official Twitter account got hacked for real, but MTV’s alleged hacking was just a really stupid stunt. Nothing of consequence emerged from either incident, and we’re all stupider for having experienced it.

Got that? Good. Because the hackings, both real and fake, are coming hard and fast these days. Just yesterday, it was Burger King getting hacked. Who’s next, a sacred piece of crap brand like Go Daddy or Bank of America or (gasp) Delta Air Lines? Say it ain’t so!

It looks as though the same people behind the Burger King hack were responsible for the Jeep account being compromised. It was probably some guys tangentially related to Anonymous, but who really knows (or cares)?

You’d think that anyone smart enough to gain control of a major corporate Twitter account would have some kind of message to spread, or at least some funny jokes and / or misinformation to tweet, but you’d be wrong. These hackers sure didn’t make good use of the Jeep account when they had it under their control, posting a bunch of dumb stuff like this:

Photo via

The Jeep hackers also posted a photo of a man doing some kind of drug — probably crack, but I’m not a freebase cocaine expert — out of a lightbulb and claimed that he’s the company’s CEO. Spoiler alert: he isn’t.

Perhaps feeling left out, the social media team at MTV had the incredibly stupid idea to stage their own hacking event, perhaps thinking that everyone is the world is a total idiot. They were immediately called out for their stupid stunt and gave up on the whole thing pretty quickly:

Photo credit: @MTV on Twitter

The backlash to MTV’s moronic stunt wasn’t contained to normal folks on Twitter. Even some companies got in on the fun:

So, who’s gonna get hacked next? Are companies going to start changing their passwords to 1234 just to increase the likelihood that they get taken over (and get a bunch of free publicity)? Or are they going to learn nothing from MTV and treat us all like morons?

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