Beer-Dispensing Arcade Game is a Man Cave Must-Have (VIDEO)

Beer arcade game

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Those of us old enough to remember countless childhood hours spent pumping quarters into arcade classics like Double Dragon and Street Fighter II are now old enough to legally drink.

Nothing goes with nostalgia better than a frosty brew. And there’s no better way to nurse a hangover than sipping on a “hair o’ the dog” while playing video games.

Therein lies the simple genius of Beercade, a vintage-style arcade cabinet that dispenses beer instead of gobbling quarters.

Was this piece of man cave magnificence sent to earth from heaven? Not quite.

Beer arcade game

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It’s the brainchild of some clever dudes (definitely dudes) at creative agency McKinney, as a promotional tool for the Big Boss Brewing Company.

The handmade arcade cabinet comes loaded with a vintage-esque 2D beat-em-up game called The Last Barfighter, and is equipped with a pair of beer taps where the coin slots would typically be.

After three rounds of a violent, virtual brew-haha (groan), the winning combatant’s cup is filled with the hoppy nectar of victory from a keg chilled within the machine.

If you have a man cave and far too much disposable income, you need to buy this. Then you need to invite us over. We shall patiently await your invitation. We’ll bring chips.

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