Woman Gets Annoying Song Stuck in Her Head For 3 Agonizingly Long Years

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We’ve all had a song get stuck in our head at one time or another. Just thinking for a few seconds about “It’s A Small World After All,” “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” or, more recently, “Gangnam Style” can doom you to 12 to 24 hours of annoying repetition in your head.

Apologies if reading that last sentence was enough to trigger your brain into one of these cycles. Here’s an even more annoying song to take the place of whatever you’re hearing in your head right now.

Whatever song your synapses are currently humming, you probably don’t have it nearly as bad as Susan Root. The 63-year-old British woman says that she’s had “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?” stuck in her head for three years.

Three years! That’s over 1,000 days.

It isn’t just a case of her not hearing a new song to replace the old one in her head. And she’s not doing it on purpose or lying about it, either. Doctors have diagnosed Root with a rare form of tinnitus, the condition that normally causes people to hear ringing in their ears. Her version of tinnitus causes her to have persistent musical hallucinations.

It doesn’t go away at night, either — in fact, Root says that it keeps her awake. She has to live with it all the time.

According to The Sun, Root says she has also been “tortured” by songs such as “Happy Birthday,” “God Save the Queen” and “Auld Lang Syne.” She says that the songs she hears were ones that she used to enjoy, but now she can’t stand them — and who could blame her?

“I had special therapy too but they’ve now told me there is nothing more they can do,” Root said. “I’ve come to accept that I’m probably going to be stuck with this hellish condition for the rest of my life.”

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