The 10 Greatest Adventures of ‘Florida Man,’ The World’s Worst Superhero

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

Heard a story about some kind of crazy criminal act? Chances are it happened in Florida. Seriously, bet on it. It’s always Florida.

There’s just something about the state — maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s all the old people or maybe it’s the psychological ramifications of being America’s wang — that leads to some of the most bizarre crimes you’ll ever hear about. We’re talking cockroach eating fatalities, manatee surfing, carjackers who can’t drive stick and lots of penis shootings.

When reporting on these crimes, the media typically default to the label “Florida man” when crafting their headlines. It’s a handy way to immediately set the stage for the craziness that’s about to follow without wasting precious headline space on relatively irrelevant personal details.

This lead a clever Twitterer to imagine a world where “Florida man” isn’t a generic headline shortcut, but instead a superhero: Florida Man. Over at the Twitter account @_FloridaMan, he or she is collecting a long list of all this poor, misguided, imaginary superhero’s misadventures.

Below are a few of the best:

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