Man Stabs Friend For Not Switching Positions During a Threesome

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A threesome is supposed to be fun, but some guys just take the whole thing way too seriously.

A North Dakota man stabbed another man last week after he refused to switch positions during an impromptu threesome the two men were having with a woman.

Ashley Hunter, 33, was charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly plunging a knife into the arm of Orlando DeWitt, 37. The woman involved in the incident was only identified by police as “Leticia.”

The two men knew each other prior to the threesome. In fact, they met when they were both in prison together — the start of so many wonderful friendships. They were out partying at a bar in Fargo last week when they picked up a few women to bring back to Hunter’s home.

DeWitt told police that he started getting freaky with one of the women on a couch, but he then noticed Hunter watching them from a nearby room. Pretty creepy.

Hunter eventually tried to join in the fun and, from the police report, it sounds like DeWitt and the woman were both somewhat receptive to the idea at first.

Leticia “began to perform oral sex on Hunter,” according to the police report (which you can read in full over at The Smoking Gun). DeWitt kept going at it from the other end.

“Hunter then asked to switch places with Orlando. Orlando told him no and Hunter became upset.”

Hunter then allegedly grabbed a 12-inch butcher’s knife and proceeded to stab DeWitt, who had retreated to another room for safety.

The police were called and the end result is this fantastic tale you’re reading right now. Remember, folks: this Valentine’s Day, make sure that you’re adaptable to change in any threesome you find yourself in. Don’t hog the good side!

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  1. read responses to this story on diff website and have never read so many natural born idiots before, simply cuz the dummies havent a clue about a threesome or what they talked about