Did Police Say to “Burn it Down” When Christopher Dorner Retreated to a Mountain Cabin? (VIDEO)

And this shall conclude the Christopher Dorner manhunt story. The first chapter of it, at least.

What a mess. From beginning to end. For those living in L.A., we’ve learned more facts about this entire man vs. cops debacle via word of mouth than from what the media has openly reported. For example, how many of you were aware police officers shot at a truck they believed to be Dorner’s, or that both passengers turned out to be women, one of whom was wounded in the process? The woman was 71 years old. Try to find a mainstream news source that reported this. This happened last Friday — but only allegedly, if you ask some cops.

City officials and law enforcement officers in L.A. have been beside themselves. All motorcycle officers have been doubled up in squad cars, and beat cops have been on high alert. Private citizens have been going about their business as usual, including this guy, who just wanted to safely purchase his Lipton Brisk with Lemon without being seen as a threat:

Photo via News One

It became rather obvious that due process was not a concern in bringing Dorner to justice, after a one million dollar reward was offered for information leading his capture. There’s no doubt the man was a threat if he did everything he has been accused of doing. He deserved to be arrested, questioned, arraigned and put on trial. He deserved to be brought to justice — but people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this country. Police aren’t supposed to kill people unless they have to do so to protect their own lives.

Yesterday, as the manhunt came to a boiling point (literally), Dorner allegedly retreated to a cabin and engaged in a shoot-out with police. During the process, in which an officer was fatally wounded, live audio was captured by local news outlets who were on the scene. Feel free to listen for yourself:

It certainly sounds like there are several calls to “burn it down,” with a few choice expletives in the mix. Of course, this raises numerous questions. Did the police intentionally set the cabin on fire, preventing the possibility of Dorner being captured alive and being put on trial to answer for his alleged crimes? Why didn’t the police simply retreat to a safe distance and wait it out. Dorner couldn’t stay holed up in that cabin forever.

There are other questions, too. It’s believed that the charred remains of a human being found in the burned out cabin are those of Dorner. There are conflicting reports, however, including an alleged report of a police squad car that was mysteriously missing from the scene.

The manhunt may be over, but the story has just begun.

What a mess.

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  1. There is no question in my mind. The cops burned it down. I don’t know why they have to lie about it when the recording says it all.