350 Pound Running Back, David Fangupo, Commits to Hawaii (VIDEO)

Sweet mercy! David Fangupo looks like he eats defensive backs for breakfast. There are probably several 170-pound cornerbacks who would admit to feeling chewed up and spit out after taking on this Hawaiian running back listed at 6’2″ and 350 lbs.

Sure, he’s part novelty, but he also looks pretty damn legit. The thought of trying to tackle this dude…? Just watch the poor saps in this video.

That is a lot of man.

The Hawaii native has decided he’ll continue to play football in college — and he’ll do it close to home. He has signed a letter of intent of play for the University of Hawaii Warriors.

According to the Hawaii crew, Fangupo will play out of the offensive backfield. Many college scouts are impressed by his footwork and his ability to get vertical from the line of scrimmage, but he’s built like a 3-ton truck.

I can’t find any information on Fagupo’s 40 time, pro agility drill results or any of the measurables that suggest how quick an individual really is. It’s yet to be seen if his actual running ability can translate to the next level, or if he’d be better suited to run at the fullback position in a more traditional offensive set.

It will be interesting to see how this kid’s skill set develops, though, and if his coaches attempt to slim him down (which is the opposite of what most incoming freshmen are asked to do). Shedding some weight will only make him faster and more agile.

What’s most fascinating to this opinionated writer: he’s going to a spread offense, where backs are consistently used to run speed sweeps and outside of the tackles. Most often, such an offense is reliant on speed backs who aren’t necessarily known for breaking tackles, rather serving as a threat to spread the defense and create more space on the field. I’m highly intrigued to see a beastly back in a spread system.

Having said that, I don’t believe his size will translate well to the running back position. A short yardage guy, sure, but to carry the load like he did at the high school level? It’s probably not going to happen. I hope he proves me wrong.

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