Half-Price Skyrim DLC Hits PS3 Today – Here’s Hoping It’s Not Busted

Long-suffering PlayStation 3 owners (including yours truly) will finally get the opportunity to play downloadable content for Bethesda’s epic Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That content, including Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard, has already been available to PC and Xbox 360 users for months.

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There’s no doubt PS3 owners have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to Skyrim, arguably this gaming generation’s most ambitious role-playing game. The PS3 version of the original game (which launched in November 2011) remains chock full of graphical errors, even now — despite repeated efforts by Bethesda to properly update the game.

Adding insult to injury has been the long wait for downloadable content. But now it appears that wait is over. Let’s just hope the expansion packs aren’t as busted as the original game.

Bethesda is staggering the release dates for each expansion pack. The newest DLC, Dragonborn, will be available to North American PS3 users today, February 12, 2013. For the first week this content will be available for half price, or $10. After that first week the price will double to $20.

The same price reductions will apply to Hearthfire, which will be released on February 19, and Dawnguard, which will be available on February 26.

Bethesda says each DLC pack offers roughly 30 hours of additional gameplay and features unique achievements. Dragonborn and Dawnguard also take players to (relatively) new locales, including Solstheim and Morrowind.

So, anybody downloaded Dragonborn yet? Is it functioning properly or are those kooky dragons flying backwards again?

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122 Responses to Half-Price Skyrim DLC Hits PS3 Today – Here’s Hoping It’s Not Busted

  1. Pissed skyrim player says:

    Has anyone called

  2. Nothing by NYC

  3. 6:15pm nothing in toronto

  4. Nothing in Mass yet

  5. just called sony they said after 8:00 pm

  6. Just got kicked off psn.!

  7. I don’t know why I keep checking, it probably won’t be for another day here in Alaska. We’re treated like a different country when it comes to gaming and Internet content.

  8. I think I’ll play some Daggerdale while I wait, that should give me my sword/sorcery/glitch fix until Dragonborn hits.

  9. Pissed skyrim player says:

    Is it up yet

  10. Pissed skyrim player says:

    Is it up


  12. 630 pm NY nothing. I wonder if we are waiting for some bullshit statement from Bethesda or Sony as to what the hell they screwed up now….ridiculous

  13. PSN needs to get their crap together. We all have been waiting patiently. Guess I can wait a little bit longer. I’m just happy that we are finally able to get it. Come on PSN lets get this going here!

    • This whole thing has been such a mess. I will believe we have the content when I see it…the entire day is practically over…

  14. Still nothing tried to get ahold of bethesda but no luck I think were being punkd

  15. Wow 6:30 pm eastern and its still not on the PSN. This is one main reason I will not be buying the PS4. They let the game developers sh$t all over us, and then as if we haven’t waited long enough. They take 2 weeks to certify and release the damn thing, and its still not out. So now I have to deal with Playstation shi$$ing on me. How hard can it be to update the fing ps store?

  16. saintanger 2008 says:

    PS3 (or 4) gets FALLOUT 4 a month before anyone else and we’ll call it even, cause this is crap. What is the point in telling us that it will be out on the 12th, when there is only 4 hours left on the 12th when it comes out??? Actually, I am holding my breath at that. There has got to be something wrong. Bethesda has a great opportunity to take advantage of the fact that GTA V pushed till September, I hope they don’t let us down.

    • saintanger 2008 says:

      Think about this… When a hit movie comes to the theater, there is a Midnight release. That is actually Friday Morning, 12:01 AM. We have to wait until 8pm for this one? They owe us for this.

  17. Pissed skyrim player says:

    It up yet?????

  18. It’s up!!!!!!!


  20. Previously Pissed Skyrim Player says:

    I Have it!! It’s up right now on psn!!! Get it while it’s hot!

  21. FREE AT LAST BROTHERS!!!!! Purchase confirmed and downloading now!!

  22. ITS UP!!!!!

  23. I’m sure I dont need to say it but its in

    I’m downloading now

    Montreal canada 😀

  24. 10% booo yaaaahh

  25. i got my psn card day before yesterday bought the game for ten dollars off craigslist because the guy was pissed there was no dlc for skyrim so i got twenty bucks in my wallet on psn it is 4:30 pm here in oregon and no dlc still and psn said maybe 8 pm or after 11:59 pm now i am pissed

  26. 20% keep on coming

  27. 38% who’s where?


  29. Only 6 minutes left. I can just taste it now.


  31. I’m at 80%

  32. How do you start the dlc??? I have it downloaded and installed, went on skyrim and nothing has changed; no quest prompts, no new locations on map, no indicators of any kind. A little help here anyone???

  33. I’m at 80% jsjskakbfb I can’t wait… So many months wondering if it was gonna come just a few more minutes

  34. Haha fast-travelled to whiterun and the cultists appeared 😀 thx!

  35. Anyone know when Ireland can download it !!!!!!!!!!

    • well since that would be part of the UK. i would assume some time tomorrow. if it is not part of the UK i feel like an idiot.

  36. Are you serious? The DLC is half off at $10! Wtf is this bethesda, so a $20 dlc? Why you trying to skeem us, greedy basterds. Make us wait all this time and you give us a 20$ dlc that’s half off only for a week? Smh bethesda smh.

  37. hi ive read the comments and just wondering, when will the dlc be avilabel in ipswich its in the united kingdom, just saying

  38. It’s the 13th in Australia and its still not out when will come.

  39. Still not out

  40. I downloaded dragonborn and is it already installed in my game ? Do I just click continue on the menu or go to downloadable content which I did and it said no content downloaded. Can someone help me with this ?

  41. I’m at school. Can’t wait to go home and play