She Said No! 10 Cringe-Worthy Failed Marriage Proposals (VIDEOS)

proposal fail

Photo via YouTube

Thinking about popping the question on Valentine’s Day?

If you’re envisioning a grandiose public proposal with cameras rolling, you might want to reconsider.

Don’t let your heart usurp your head. Ask yourself: are you absolutely sure the adoration is mutual?

Also: are you absolutely sure she enjoys being asked life-changing questions while being broadcast on a Jumbotron?

You wouldn’t want to end up like these poor rejects.

Prepare to cringe.

WWJD? Hide in shame, prolly.

“We met one year ago, right in front of this CinnaBonn.” Well there’s your first problem.

Rejected at the buzzer!

Yeah, she’s just “camera shy.” That’s all.

Maybe she just really had to pee.

He (wisely) said no. Two weeks is an awfully short courtship, no matter how pretty she is.

She said “No!” But it’s OK, because then she added: “Bad dog! No!”

“Just get up. Please. Get up.”

Perhaps she has a phobia of mascots.

Or maybe women just don’t find sporting events as romantic as we’d like to think.

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