The New Golden State Warriors Uniforms Have… Sleeves? (PHOTOS)

NBA teams have tried a lot of crazy gimmicks over the years in an attempt to sell jerseys. We’ve seen rainbows, pink trim, orange overkill, dumb acronyms, goofy purple dinosaurs and even faux acid-washed denim. Heck, there was once even a rumor (that turned out to be false) that the Charlotte Bobcats looked into the possibility of using transparent fabric in their uniforms.

The Golden State Warriors just threw down the gauntlet and took things to the next level. The team introduced something that could completely revolutionize the NBA basketball jersey.

That something? Sleeves.

Photo credit: Adidas

Photo credit: Adidas

Photo credit: Adidas

And those aren’t just regular sleeves, they’re ridiculously tight. Lex Luger would certainly approve.

And they’re ridiculously yellow. They look like the shirts the world’s biggest cheater, Lance Armstrong, used to wear. How can the Warriors players take the court in these things and not feel like giant tools?

Look, it’s totally understandable that the Warriors feel a bit like a forgotten stepchild in the NBA. The team has never been able to grab the headlines from fellow Californian franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers. Heck, even the Los Angeles Clippers, long the laughingstock of the league, are starting to gain some serious cred.

Still… Warriors… you don’t know what you’re doing here. You are going to regret this move. It’s not too late to reverse course.

These bad boys (and we mean bad in the literal sense) will make their debut on national television on February 22, when the Warriors host the San Antonio Spurs.

Get your paper bags ready, Warriors fans.

Photo alteration: Manolith / Original: Adidas

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