Mountain Dew Kickstart Makes it Slightly More Acceptable to Drink Soda for Breakfast

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Taco Bell kicked off the “Mountain Dew for breakfast” trend — if you can call a few sad, sad people eating breakfast alone at Taco Bell a “trend” — by introducing Mtn Dew A.M., a blend of the neon (and possibly radioactive) yellow soda formerly known as Mountain Dew and orange juice.

For those who can’t bring themselves to get out of the house on time to think outside the bun in the morning, it’s now possible to drink the breakfast version of Mountain Dew at home. PepsiCo has just announced that it will begin selling a new version of Mountain Dew called Kickstart.

Mountain Dew Kickstart (or Mtn Dew Kickstart, if you go by what it says on the can) is a pretty interesting drink. It contains five percent fruit juice, so PepsiCo is legally allowed to call it a “juice drink” and not a soda. Yes, the FDA only requires a measly five percent juice content for that designation. Hey — if pizza is a vegetable now, this isn’t so ridiculous.

Don’t go thinking Kickstart is good for you, though. It’s definitely still packed with all the sugar and caffeine you’d expect from Mountain Dew. Chug a can when you wake up? You’ll be feeling the effects in no time.

Interestingly, though, Kickstart has less caffeine than energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster. surmises that this may be due to PepsiCo shying away from the recent deaths and hospitalizations that have been linked to heavily caffeinated beverages.

Mountain Dew Kickstart will initially be sold in two different flavors: orange citrus and fruit punch.

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