Christopher Dorner Has Waged a One-Man War on the LAPD

Photo via Los Angeles Times

Like our fearless Manolith editor, David Woods, I, too, have elected to stay in my pajamas this morning. No, we’re not getting snow on the west coast. Instead, we’re dealing with a highly skilled sniper, former LAPD cop and United States Army and Navy soldier who has turned his violent “manifesto” into what looks to be a targeted killing spree in Southern California.

Christopher Dorner, 33, was once considered an individual of high ethical and moral standard, and he (ostensibly) joined the LAPD to protect and serve. According to a recently released manifesto, his desire to stand up for what was right just ended up costing him his career with the police department, as well as any chance of continuing a career in the military.

Dorner’s manifesto, which has been referred to as “self-serving” by Police Chief Charlie Beck, claims he was the victim of the corruption synonymous with the LAPD. Dorner once reported a fellow officer for brutality and excessive force during an altercation with a schizophrenic. From that point, he felt he was sold-out and misrepresented throughout the department for his desire to tell the truth.

It seems that Dorner is now at war with everyone he felt lied about him or tarnished his reputation by testifying against his sworn statements. He has killed two civilians (the daughter of an LAPD Captain and her boyfriend) and one police officer, while injuring another officer in the attack. His violence is targeted and doesn’t seem to be pointed toward the general public.

Before I delve any deeper, I feel it necessary to state my perspective. It might read as if I’m defending Dorner’s actions, or I’m intrigued by this as if it’s some action movie. No. That’s not the case at all. This is happening in my backyard.

What Dorner is doing is wrong. It’s black and white. However, there is a significant amount of gray that he has addressed: did the deep-rooted corruption of one of the world’s most notorious law enforcement agencies play a hand in this? I personally know several men and women who are officers within the LAPD, and they are the salt of the earth. In the same breath, I can easily state that I’ve met others who have never been worthy of wearing their badge, and who have done more to hinder my safety and make me, my friends and my family feel unsafe and uneasy during specific scenarios that are prone to violence (e.g., being a supporter of an opposing sports team that’s playing at Dodger Stadium).

According to authorities, Dorner is in possession of a .50 caliber sniper rifle, explosives and the world’s best military training — they are considering him their “worst nightmare.”

The latest known location of Dorner was the Big Bear Lake and mountain region, where he set his truck on fire and drove it off a small cliff. He’s now suspected to be on foot.

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One Response to Christopher Dorner Has Waged a One-Man War on the LAPD

  1. Are you retarded? He is and was ever a sniper you fool, he never qualified as an “Expert”. Only in pistol shooting in the Navy Reserves big deal.

    He had some worlds best military training???? What are you talking about?

    You have just proven that you never set foot on any military establishment. He never owned a Barrett m82 50 cal….he was bullshitting everyone. You know how hard it is to shoot these things to be accurate ?
    I do, for 17 years out of my 23 years in the Marine Corps, I was the Chief Scout Sniper for the 2nd Force Recon.
    This fool made many mistakes, no one, I mean no one burns their truck, shit might as well put a PA system out there in the woods with strobe lights flashing.
    He was not trained in Severe Cold Climate situations that was his second mistake. He was a reservist for Christ sakes. He was a weekend warrior.
    He should have left his truck in a bad neighborhood and let them strip it or park it in an abandoned garage, then high tail it back East.
    Let things cool down, then come back for more….this guy was a fat out of shape fat body that did not know anything about survival. He got his feelings hurt, well shit, haven’t we all.

    Now go away blowhard