Even NHL Sideline Reporters Are Tough S.O.B.s (VIDEO)

Hockey players are known for being some of the toughest men on the planet. Soccer player takes a kick to the shin? Better bring out the stretcher. Baseball pitcher has a blister on his finger? Put him on the DL.

But hockey player takes a puck to the face, knocking out a few teeth and breaking his nose? Get the trainer to snap his nose back into place and send him out for his next shift.

Photo credit: MSG

It turns out that the hard-as-nails attitudes exhibited by NHL players extend to the guys covering the league, too. In the video above, a sideline reporter named John Giannone, who works for MSG, took a puck to the face late in the second period of last night’s Rangers-Islanders game.

Giannone was cut on the face and required medical attention, but he stayed in his spot and kept working, even as blood poured down his face.

Marc Staal, the player who shot the puck that drilled Giannone in the face, apologized to him. In true hockey fashion, the two guys probably shared a beer (or six) after the game.

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