This Is What Mega-Blizzard ‘Nemo’ Looks Like From Space

If you’re in the northeast, there’s a good chance you stayed home from work today, buried under a huge pile of snow. That’s exactly what I did — heck, I’m literally writing this article in my pajamas (I set my alarm for five minutes before I was scheduled to start posting on Manolith). Even if your city isn’t under a foot or more of snow right now, chances are that it will be soon. The storm is coming for you and there’s nothing you can do about it!

As inconvenient as the snow may be, you have to admit that it’s also kind of beautiful. There’s something magical about looking outside and seeing the whole world covered in a thick layer of glistening, white frosting. We’re just the sprinkles on a giant cupcake… or something.

From space, though, the snow is downright scary. NASA just released a maps satelltie view of what the mega-blizzard, dubbed “Nemo,” looks like from beyond earth’s atmosphere. This thing is a beast!

Photo credit: NASA

Here’s what NASA had to say about the image:

“The satellite image, captured at 9:01 a.m. EST, shows clouds associated with the western frontal system stretching from Canada through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, into the Gulf of Mexico. The comma-shaped low pressure system located over the Atlantic, east of Virginia, is forecast to merge with the front and create a powerful nor’easter. The National Weather Service expects the merged storm to move northeast and drop between two to three feet of snow in parts of New England.”

Stay safe out there, folks. And don’t eat the yellow frosting.

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