Sony Not Focused on Graphics with PlayStation 4: Report

According to a new report, Sony won’t be focusing on flashy graphics with its upcoming PlayStation 4 video game console. Instead, the Japanese firm says the idea is to make its new console a living room entertainment “nerve center.”

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Last week Sony announced plans to show us “the future” on February 20. The firm was extremely vague about what that meant, but did release a teaser trailer containing lots of floating PlayStation symbols. That’s led most insiders, including yours truly, to speculate that the firm is about to reveal its PS4.

That unveiling may not feature the mind-blowing graphics we’ve come to expect from Sony’s home consoles, however. Japanese news outlet Nikkei says it has learned from an unidentified Sony Computer Entertainment official that “new playing options,” and not cutting-edge graphics, will be the focus for the PS4.

The Nikkei source suggests these new playing options could include integration with mobile devices like smartphones, tablet computers, and Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld. Some insiders believe the firm will be looking to emulate the Wii U’s dual-screen interface by using these kinds of stand-alone devices instead of a gargantuan (and expensive) controller.

Whatever the case, Sony will be leaning on its PS4 to help spike company revenue. The firm’s shares took a nose dive this week, after the company reported profit numbers far below market expectations.

So, what’s your take on this news? Are you disappointed to hear that the PlayStation 4 may not usher in a new age of video game graphics? Or do you still think that’s possible?

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