This Had to Be a Record For Most Airballs In a Row: 3 in 40 Seconds (VIDEO)

You kind of have to feel bad for Mirza Teletovic. You also have to laugh at him.

The big power forward from Bosnia caught a bad case of the yips last night — and it played out in front of thousands of fans in the arena and hundreds of thousands watching on television.

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In just 40 seconds of game time, Teletovic threw up three consecutive airballs — two from long-range. It was a cringe-worthy display of ineptitude that just kept getting worse. The television commentators were in near-disbelief — and everyone watching at home probably was, too.

One airball from an NBA player is bad, but it’s understandable. Every once in a while, the ball just kind of slips out of a player’s sweaty hands. Two in a row is cause for serious concern, though. Really, the Nets probably should have yanked Teletovic from the game when he reached that point. He needed some time to gather his thoughts and regroup.

Credit to him, though. When he fell off that horse, he got right back on. When he fell off again, he got right back on again. He didn’t sulk or get scared off. Still, his knees must be pretty banged up for all those horses he fell off.

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