Some Gross, Desperate Dude French Kissed His Own Mom Just to Sneak Drugs Into Jail

Photo credit: Yates County Sheriff’s Office

Take a look at that photo above. Just mugshots of two regular dudes who got arrested and booked for some kind of crime, right? Nothing to see here.


The one on the left is actually a woman. In fact, she’s the mother of the dude on the right. And she just got arrested for French kissing her son.

Let me be the first to say gahhhhhhhh.

The dude on the right is named William Partridge and he was in prison already, charged with felony weapons possession. He wanted a fix — Oxycodone, specifically — and his dear old mom, Kimberly Margeson, decided to help him out.

In the grossest way imaginable.

Mom visited son at the prison and the two shared a special moment together — a slurpy, tonguey, disgusting moment. Margeson and Partridge were spotted French kissing by the guards. Yeah… not exactly normal mother-son behavior. Guys definitely get lonely behind bars and crave a female touch, but it’s probably safe to say that 10 out of 10 prisoners would rather drop the soap than make out with their own mother.

Partridge was desperate, though. It turns out that during the spit-swapping session, Margeson passed two Oxy pills into her son’s mouth.

She was arrested and charged, as you already know (that mugshot up top was a bit of a giveaway).

Can you imagine being the dude who’s jonesing for a fix so bad that he French kisses his mom, then gets busted and has to go back to jail drugs-less and labeled of mom-kisser?

It almost makes you feel bad for the guy. Then you get the overwhelming feeling of nausea again.

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