‘Seduce Me’ Video Game Looks Good, Plays Naughty (VIDEO)

A new game challenges players not to blow up stuff or win the Super Bowl, but to seduce as many attractive women as possible. The game, Seduce Me, is now available for PC.

The premise for Seduce Me is pretty simple: the game’s main character is invited to the holiday home of a beautiful socialite. There, players encounter other very attractive women of relatively diverse backgrounds, including a mature divorcee, an S&M fan and Pietra, the elegant host. Players are then tasked with getting each one of them in bed.

Photo credit: Seducemegame.com

As you can see in the official trailer below, Seduce Me uses a card game system to determine your character’s progression. The idea is that, as in real life, you’ll have to learn a thing or two about a woman in order to, well, seduce them. This isn’t straight-up pornography and girls won’t simply leap into bed with your character. Instead, as with most video games, you’ll have to work a little for your reward.

Seduce Me isn’t hardcore stuff. Even when you manage to seduce the game’s characters, you won’t be engaging in virtual sex. Instead, players are treated to a brief video vignette.

And it’s easy to flunk out, too. If a player’s score reaches zero, they’re kicked out of the house and forced to start their quest all over again.

According to some reviews, that simply happens way too much. For a game with such an inviting name, it’s surprisingly hard to complete the basic objectives. Perhaps that’s why the title has scored a rather miserable 39/100 on Metascore.

If you’re still interested in giving Seduce Me a try, you can visit the game’s home page and download it for about 13 euros (US$18).

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