Take Down Beyonce’s Best Pictures Ever? Probably Not Gonna Happen (PHOTOS)

Photo via NME

She’s smoking. Smoldering. Hot. On fire. Fierce. The list of adjectives used to describe Beyonce is long and well deserved. That list is about to get much longer after a series of pictures from the Super Bowl halftime show has made its way onto the web — including seven photos that Beyonce’s publicist has deemed as “unflattering” and has politely asked be removed from the Internet.

Seriously? Can’t we all have a good laugh at Beyonce’s funny faces? Does the fact that she occasionally looks goofy make her any less hot or amazing the rest of the time?

Never had Beyonce’s publicist referred to previous images of the singer and all-around entertainer as “unflattering,” not even during Beyonce’s “fake pregnancy“. Now, all of that has changed. A Pandora’s box has been opened. Beyonce can look quite unattractive when captured in those awkward moments of in-between –just like every single human being on the face of the earth. But remove the photos? Really!?

Photo via The Telegraph

Time for a new publicist, Mrs. Jay-Z.

Here’s how she should have spun it:

“My client is the definition of sexy, but, from time to time, she needs to remind everyone that if you mess with her, she will knock you the f**k out. Don’t believe me? Have a look!”

Photo via NME

Something tells me that only Jay-Z had seen this face before Super Bowl Sunday.

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  1. anyone who thinks she;s “sexy” after seeing this needs to have their head examined….