Dwyane Wade and LeBron James Are Getting Pretty Good at This Long-Bomb Alley-Oop Thing (VIDEO)

Ho hum, it’s just Dwyane Wade and LeBron James executing yet another full-court, football-style long-bomb alley-oop (wow, that’s a lot of hyphenated terms).

Photo credit: NBA

Like they have for most of their careers, these guys make some of the most incredible athletic feats look routine. It truly is incredible that they can pull this off, though. Watch the play again. The Heat win the jump ball at their own foul line, and LeBron immediately begins sprinting down the court. The long-ball alley-oop was always the plan here.

Somehow, LeBron is able to run down almost the full length of the court in time to, you know, just casually leap into the air, catch the ball (which was perfectly thrown) and deposit it in the net. Ridiculous. But, for the Heat, it’s just another day at the office.

How do you defend something like that? Look at the poor sap on the Rockets who has to watch the ball sail over his head and into the arms of James.

Why don’t the Heat just do this play every time the get the ball deep in their end? Maybe they just don’t want to be show-offs. Or maybe they’re saving it for the playoffs, where they are heavy favorites to repeat as NBA champs.

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