Low Sperm Count? Turn Off the TV

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Worried that your little testicular tadpoles are dwindling in numbers?

Sperm don’t like TV, apparently, so you might want to turn off the boob tube (and enjoy a different kind of boob instead).

To be more accurate, your little swimmers are indifferent to TV, but they don’t appreciate it when you spend all your waking hours sitting on the couch staring at it.

According to a new study from the buzzkilling brainiacs at Harvard, guys who watch a lot of TV have roughly half the amount of sperm as those who watch no TV at all.

Of course, TV is an easy scapegoat. It’s more likely a question of exercise, fresh air and not constantly using your crotch as a place to rest a bowl of Cheetos.

Exercise buffs, the study found, are basically sperm-producing superheroes, cranking out roughly 75 percent more of the flagellating mini-mes than guys who get less than five hours of physical activity a week (i.e. slobs).

Of course, a couch potato lifestyle isn’t the only thing that can lower sperm count. The long, and ever-expanding, list of things that can possibly kill your minnows includes: booze, stress, some soy products, too-tight underpants, PCBs found in fish, Susan Boyle, nonstick cookware and, of course, this:

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