Little Pot Prank Makes (Fake) Drug Dealing Hilarious (VIDEO)

“You want a little pot?”

Despite what we were all led to believe by anti-drug programs in elementary school, drug dealers rarely descend on you at the mall, pushing their narcotics on you. When it actually does happen, as in the video above, it really freaks people out.

And when the little pot being offered turns out to be literally a little pot, it leads to some very confused people. And a lot of laughs, too.

Photo credit: PublicPrank on YouTube

This prank is the work of the guys at the YouTube channel PublicPrank and what makes it so great is how, unlike many of the pranks you see these days, the joke is never at the expense of the “victims.” Way too many prank videos on YouTube are just some guy saying “watch me prank these people!” and then running over and punching them in the back. This prank has heart.

It also has a little pot. And some coke. And a mall cop at the end who looks like his whole world has been shaken to the core. He gets so excited to make an arrest (or whatever mall cops can legally do to detain people) and then he’s completely unable to process what he sees. When the video stopped rolling, it’s safe to assume he took a long walk and thought hard about his life and what it all means.

This video is about to blow up, so you know a sequel is coming. May I suggest expanding the range of drugs offered to include hash (a can of corned beef), mushrooms (portabello or shiitake) and heroin (a Wonder Woman action figure)?

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