Watch This Brutal Kick Dana White Calls “One of the Nastiest” Knockouts Ever (VIDEO)

hall cella TUF

Photo via YouTube

Dana White has seen a lot of people get KTFO (non-vulgar translation: “knocked terribly, frightfully out”).

The pudgy, foul-mouthed overlord of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has made millions by putting elite-level combatants inside a cage and letting them go to battle.

So when the UFC prez says he has just witnessed “one of the nastiest knockouts I have ever seen in the fight business,” you know some poor fella has just gotten his brain severely scrambled.

That poor fella was Adam Cella, who was on the receiving end of a laser-guided spinning kick from Uriah Hall on the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

Prepare to cringe:

Hall was justifiably pleased with himself for successfully delivering the kind of kick typically seen in Bruce Lee movies.  To his credit, through, he seemed genuinely concerned when it became evident that he had truly scrambled Cella’s eggs.

Hall is the odds-on favorite to win this season of The Ultimate Fighter, which means he’ll likely earn a prominent spot on major UFC cards.

Future opponents would be wise to study this clip and remember to keep their hands up.

Cella, on the other hand, probably won’t remember a damn thing.

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