Colin Kaepernick Gets Over Super Bowl Loss By Doing Body Shots On A Cruise (PHOTO)

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By all accounts, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick greatly exceeded even the wildest expectations during his sophomore season in the NFL. Expected to ride the pine all year as a long-term developmental project behind incumbent starter Alex Smith, Kaepernick seized the starting job late in the season and led his teammates all the way to the Super Bowl, where they came up just short against the Baltimore Ravens.

After the game, Kaepernick was critical of his own performance, calling it “not good enough” and vowing to get back to work within a week. NFL analysts lauded him for this words, saying that he showed a level of leadership and a work ethic that’s truly rare among players with as little experience as he possesses.

Perhaps we were all a bit too hasty in crowning Kaepernick as the NFL’s next great leader. After all, he’s still just 25 years old — just a kid. And he’s not totally done doing kid things.

The National Enquirer just posted a photo of Kaepernick on a cruise. It’s a bit weird for fans to think about a player embarking on a pleasurable vacation so soon after a devastating loss (most 49ers fans are still in shock), but it’s not uncommon for NFL players to want to get away from their day-to-day lives the moment the season ends — regardless of whether it ends with hands raised in triumph or heads buried in hands.

The scandal here, if it’s fair to call it a scandal, is that the photo shows Kaepernick doing a body shot with a young woman. In layman’s terms, she’s drinking a shot of tequila off his ridiculously toned and hairless abs. It’s not exactly the kind of behavior you regularly see Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers participating in.

Take a look:

Photo credit: National Enquirer

The National Enquirer calls the photo “uber-racy,” but it’s not really that bad. Perhaps the most scandalous aspect of it is that Kaepernick is known as a devoutly religious person. He doesn’t talk about his virginity, but many assumed that he was on a life path similar to Tim Tebow. That certainly doesn’t appear to be the case.

Then again, maybe this photo shows the whole story and this is as scandalous as things got on that ship. Is having a woman suck booze off your lower abdomen really such a sin?

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