Danilo Gallinari’s ‘Shot of the Century’ Was Just Okay (VIDEO)

I love the commentary in this video. Immediately, the play-by-play man declares Danilo Gallinari’s off-balance shot (which was certainly impressive) to be the “shot of the century.” Seconds later, he’s downgraded his description to “shot of the year.” Seconds after that, the color analyst says that, when they compile the plays of the year, he’s “guessing that’s going to be one of them.”

Photo via wkzo.com

Wow. That’s quite a rapid descent. From shot of the century to maybe — just maybe — one of the better shots this season in mere seconds. Could it be that a sports commentator spoke in hyperbole on live television and quickly realized what he said was ridiculous? Say it ain’t so!

Look: the shot was good. Gallinari took a fairly hard foul and somehow found a way to fling the ball toward the net as he fell to the ground. Fortunately, the ball went in. Good for him. He deserves to be on SportsCenter this morning.

Is it the shot of the century? Hell no. First of all, the stakes were extremely low. This happened late in a regular season game in which the Denver Nuggets (fifth in the Western Conference) were leading the Milwaukee Bucks (seventh in the East) — not exactly Jordan, Game Six. The point sealed the win for the Nuggets, but wasn’t crucial.

Second, the fact that the shot went in is almost pure luck. It was just a desperation heave — a really athletic heave, but a heave nonetheless.

Someone needs to deliver a chill pill to the commentary booth in Denver. Can you imagine what would happen if the Nuggets actually nailed a crucial, contested shot in a playoff game?

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