Steelers Fan Crashes Ravens Parade, Gets (Justifiably) Yelled At (VIDEO)

Geez… come on, Steeler Nation. This isn’t exactly the best way to convince the rest of the football world that you guy aren’t the biggest dicks around.

Then again, maybe that was the point.

The Ravens held their Super Bowl parade yesterday in the cold streets of Baltimore and tens of thousands of fans showed up to cheer on (and thank) their heroes. It was the last place you’d expect to see a Steelers fan, but one of them showed up nonetheless.

She was ruthlessly heckled — and deservedly so. The Baltimore fans chanted “go home” and they had every right to do so.

How classless is it to show up to your rival’s celebration and brag about how your team has more championship rings? It’s even worse when most of those rings were won prior to the year when your rival was born (the Steelers won Super Bowls in 1974, 1975, 1978 and 1979, but, technically, the Ravens only started play in 1996, when the franchise moved from Cleveland).

Eventually, the Steelers fan claimed that she showed up in support of Ray Lewis, who she thinks “deserves this ring.” Right… That totally explains why she wore black and yellow to the parade. It’s totally a normal thing for a Steelers fan to love Ray Lewis, perhaps the fiercest enemy of their team over the past decade.

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