Man Seeks Responsible (But Naughty) Babysitter Through Craigslist

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In what appears to be a legitimate — and legitimately insane — post on Craigslist, a Rhode Island dad seeks a rather unique babysitter.

The man stated that he requires a responsible babysitter to look after his two toddlers on weekdays for 10 bucks an hour. Fair enough.

The babysitter must also be willing, he added, to fulfill his secret sexual fantasy: “I come home and have my way with the babysitter.”

So the man, whose post is getting upvoted to high heaven on Reddit, is essentially looking for a cheap hooker with nanny skills.


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Of course, he has the best interests of his youngsters in mind, too: “Good with kids a plus,” he wrote. Aww, good ol’ Pops.  Surely there’s a World’s Greatest Dad mug in the cupboard.

Obviously, a number of things are inherently, unbelievably wrong with the man’s idea:

– Can he really trust the welfare of his children to a woman who’s willing to sleep with a stranger she met through Craiglist — for a mere $10 bucks an hour?

– Can he honestly expect that his wife won’t find out about the “bonus” arrangement, especially now that his post has become rising Reddit fodder?

– Who will look after the kids when daddy and nanny are doing the Don’t-Tell-Mommy Wiggle Dance?

Here’s hoping the Rhode Island Child Welfare Department is staffed with avid Redditors.

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