This 2-Year-Old’s Basketball Trick Shot Video Is Crazy Legit (VIDEO)

Aside from the stupid voices at the very beginning, this basketball trick shot video is legit as hell. And this kid is two years old! He’s draining those buckets.

Photo credit: Joseph Ashby on YouTube

While none of the shots in this video are particularly amazing on their own, the fact that a two-year-old is nailing them before he’s even learned to speak is just mind-blowing. Sure, there’s some editing involved (we don’t see any misses and there are cuts between all the shots in his one “streak”), but even if he’s missing three out of four shots, it’s still crazy what he’s accomplishing. When I was that age, I don’t think I could even grip a ball, let alone throw one with any degree of accuracy. How does this kid even comprehend some of the more complicated shots he does (like the ones with two balls)? He’s two years old!

This kid’s future is crazy bright. Obviously, it takes more than being a good shooter to make it to the pros — let’s hope this kid has tall genes — but if he continues on this trajectory, he just might become the first player in NBA history to crack the 0.600 three-point field goal percentage in a season. Heck, this kid might shoot 0.800.

That’s in the distant future, though. Let’s hope that his parents don’t push him too hard and he keeps having fun making all these shots. Too bad he’s too young to really enjoy all the Internet fame he’s about to earn.

Where does this rank in the annals of trick shot videos? It’s obviously no Dude Perfect masterpiece, but it’s gotta be up there with the best, right? Once again, this kid is two years old!

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  1. Props to the little man. But it sounds like Dad offered the “original score…” I’ll be hearing those chords all day now.