The Blackout Bowl Wasn’t Beyonce’s Fault: Report

Photo credit: Robert Deutsch / USA TODAY Sports

Looking for someone to blame for the fact that the Super Bowl ground to a dimly lit halt for over half an hour last night? Don’t blame halftime performer Beyonce, say NFL and Superdome officials.

Though the blackout occurred just minutes after Beyonce’s high-powered halftime show, featuring a stage made of lights and several large video screens, the blackout is said to be completely unrelated to her performance and its power demands.

Doug Thornton, the manager of the Superdome (and a guy who probably didn’t get much sleep last night), said Beyonce’s performance was run on “generated power” and that the Superdome was actually using less power than normal during her performance because the primary stadium lights were turned down to create a rock concert atmosphere.

The true culprit has yet to be determined, but indications are that the power outage was caused by an issue with one of the power lines running into the stadium. Entergy, the company providing power for the stadium, claims that it was supplying an uninterrupted feed and that the issue was at the stadium.

Thornton said that he was disappointed so many people witnessed the issue:

“I couldn’t believe it, to be honest with you. It’s pretty disappointing because it played out on a worldwide stage.”

Photo credit: Matt Slocum / Associated Press

Photo credit: Marcio Sanchez / AP

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