Kevin Garnett to the Clippers? Don’t Bet on It

Photo via Bleacher Report

What better time for a blockbuster NBA trade rumor than right in the middle of the glow from the Super Bowl?

If you follow NBA insiders, you already know there’s been some chitter-chatter about a potential deal that would send Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Clippers. But for who — and why?

This trade rumor seemed rather absurd when it began to grow legs. The most obvious impediment would be Garnett’s no-trade clause, but the rumor has continued to fester, and the names Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe have trickled into the conversation. This just after the Celtics defeated the Clippers on Sunday (while we were all watching the Super Bowl).

Garnett’s no-trade clause stipulates any potential trade would require his approval. Due to his Bostonian popularity, and his loyalty to the Celtics fan base, it’s hard to imagine him packing his bags and moving to the West Coast. The Celtics have been playing good basketball since losing point guard Rajon Rondo to a season ending ACL tear, and their win yesterday made four straight.

Sure, it makes sense that Garnett might like to play for a legitimate contender. With Miami in the Eastern Conference, it’s a near guarantee that his best opportunity to play in another NBA Finals would come on a Western Conference squad. It’s easy to understand that he might go for such a trade.

On the other side: what is the Clippers brass thinking? Why mess with an impressive winning chemistry? It would be foolish to deal Butler and Bledsoe for some of the oldest, most exhausted legs in the business. Losing young, rapidly developing talent like Bledsoe for Garnett would be a mistake in and of itself. Losing a veteran like Butler as well? Asinine. Kevin Garnett is simply not the tool for the Clippers to become the class of the Western Conference.

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