Listen to CM Punk Surprise Tom Dotterer, the Fan Who Was Shot in the Eye, On the Radio (AUDIO)

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Remember that story from a few days ago about the man who was shot in the eye, but who said the worst part of his week was actually The Rock beating CM Punk at the WWE’s annual Royal Rumble event?

His name is Tom Dotterer and his story really resonated with our readers — and with wrestling fans around the world. In many ways, Dotterer is the perfect wrestling fan.

It apparently resonated with CM Punk, too. In a recent radio interview Dotterer gave on The Abe Kanan Show on SiriusXM, CM Punk called in to surprise the man who just might be his biggest fan.

You can hear the whole exchange below:

The best part of the whole thing is the long, complimentary and (kind of) rambling intro Dotterer gives to Punk, completely unprompted. Punk almost has to tell him to shut up, just so he can get a word in. The two men then pretty much trade compliments, with each insisting that the other is the greatest guy in the world. “You’re the best!” “No! You’re the best!” Normally, an exchange like that would be cringe-worthy. In this case, though, it’s really endearing.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Punk will visit this guy in person at some point in the future and we can all hope that cameras are there to capture the moment — even though it will kind of wreck Punk’s gimmick. Some things in life are just bigger than wrestling gimmicks and this is one of them.

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