Caleb Moore, X-Games Snowmobile Athlete, Dead at 25

Photo credit: Aaon Ontiveroz / The Denver Post

There’s an inherent risk of participating in extreme sports. The athletes understand this, and we love them for it. We love them for their courage, their tenacity and their dash of “wild and crazy,” which is strange and unfamiliar for most of us. These men and women (and boys and girls) are just wired differently.

Caleb Moore understood that risk, and he profited from it handsomely. With all of the crashes he experienced in his career, he was always able to hop back on his sled and live to play another day. One week ago, his fortune changed when he crashed his snowmobile while attempting a back flip. After shorting the landing, the 450-pound sled came crashing down on top of him.

Moore hopped up and walked away from the crash. He was diagnosed with a concussion, but the situation quickly escalated when it was found that he was also suffering from a heart contusion. The bleeding in his heart was addressed with a successful emergency surgery, yet the combination of injuries (a concussion being a bruising/bleeding/swelling in the brain) led to additional complications in his brain. Sadly, the residual damage has claimed his life at 25.

This is the first death from an X-Games related injury. Over 3,300 athletes have competed in the extreme sports competition.

Our thoughts and prayers are offered to the Moore family.

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