EA Shelves Medal of Honor Franchise; Battlefield 4 Coming to Next-Gen Consoles This Fall?

Electronic Arts (EA) says that it’s giving the Medal of Honor first-person shooter (FPS) franchise a breather. However, the company won’t be taking a break from producing FPS games — instead, EA says that it’s working on a new Battlefield game, which it plans to show off in the next 90 days.

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As you may or may not know, the last Medal of Honor (MoH) game, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, was panned by critics. Reviewers slammed the FPS for failing to introduce anything new to the standard blow-up-terrorists-in-far-off-warzones model.

As a result, the game missed EA’s sales expectations, prompting the company to recently announce that it is taking MoH “out of rotation.” In effect, that should mean it will be a while before we see another Medal of Honor game. Here’s hoping that, when the franchise returns, it’s sporting a more original theme.

Of course, MoH’s timeout doesn’t mean EA is giving up on the whole blasting-meanies-in-the-Middle-East concept. Instead, the company has announced that it plans to unveil Battlefield 4 in the next three months or so. In an attempt to make up with disappointed MoH: Warfighter players, EA says that owners of that game will get early access to the Battlefield 4 beta.

That has prompted some industry insiders to criticize the firm for ignoring loyal Battlefield fans while attempting to woo Warfighter players to its long-running Battlefield franchise.

Although details about Battlefield 4 remain sparse, it’s expected the game will be produced for next-generation consoles like the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. Insiders speculate that the game could be released sometime this fall, perhaps as a launch title for one (or both) of those upcoming consoles.

Here’s hoping that EA tries something new with BF4. Certainly BF3’s multiplayer – which takes advantage of the Frostbite engine’s destructible environments and allows players to pilot vehicles – was excellent, but the single player action was a total bore.

What do you guys think? Would you be satisfied with an update to the BF3 model or are you looking for something completely new?

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