Breaking Dumb: Guy Tries To Cook Meth Inside Walmart, Gets Arrested

You know how sometimes when you buy a new thing — maybe it’s a laptop or a phone or even a toy — and you’re so excited to start using it that you open it up in the car, before you even drive home?

Maybe don’t do that if the thing you just bought is the complete list of ingredients for making meth. And especially don’t do it if you haven’t even exited the store yet.

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An Ohio man (we all knew it was going to be either that or Florida, right?) was arrested recently after he was caught apparently trying to produce crystal methamphetamine inside a Walmart. The guy must have really needed a fix!

James Richardson, 37, was spotted by the store’s security team gathering all the ingredients needed to make the highly dangerous and highly illegal drug. He then started to mix them in a salt shaker, which is apparently a process of drug production known as “shake and bake.” (Is anyone else weirded out by the fact that that link is a YouTube video of a police officer explaining how to cook meth? Seems like it might not be the smartest thing to share that information freely.)

Richardson was taken into custody soon after he was spotted going all Walmart Walter White and he was charged with theft and illegal manufacturing of drugs.

As you can tell by looking at his mug shot, it’s probably not the first time he’s been arrested for a drug-related offense. And, with his extremely poor judgement and willpower (just make the short walk to the parking lot before you make your meth, dude!), it won’t be the last.

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