Um… What? Hugh Hefner’s Daughter Actually Blamed Global Warming for Chicago’s High Murder Rate (VIDEO)

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Even though he still acts like a young buck, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s a really, really old dude. So old, in fact, that he has a 60-year-old daughter named Christie. Yes, Hef has a kid — and she’s old enough to be a grandma (she doesn’t have any kids, though).

Christie Hefner even worked for papa Hugh for a while, getting promoted all the way up to CEO of Playboy Enterprises. She resigned in 2009, saying that Barack Obama’s election inspired her to make changes in her life and devote more time to charitable work.

Since then, she’s worked with the Center for American Progress, a political organization focused on getting progressive candidates elected, advancing women’s rights and protecting free speech.

Along the way, it appears that she’s developed some extremely progressive opinions. Here’s one: that climate change is one of the causes of violent crime in Chicago.

Yes, in an interview on MSNBC, she actually cited increasing temperatures as a reason why people in Chicago keep killing each other. See it for yourself:

“It may seem odd,” she notes. Yes. Yes, it does.

“It’s factually true,” she adds. No. No, it is not.

Look, I’m all for progressive thinking. Sometimes, we all would benefit from a little outside-the-box thinking. But there’s a big difference between creatively approaching America’s problems and being a gigantic whackjob.

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