Man Shot in the Eye Says Worst Part of His Week Was WWE Royal Rumble Outcome (VIDEO)

Royal Rumble Fan

Photo via YouTube

Earlier this week, we brought you footage of a young man named Michael (right), who was none-too-pleased at the main-event result of Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Michael is a loyal fan of smarmy anti-hero CM Punk, and was crestfallen that his beloved champion’s 434-day title reign was ended at the hands of The Rock.

Millions of wrestling fans were similarly disappointed, but few enacted their disappointment with the kind of childlike tantrums Michael unleashed. He stomped and smashed and whined and threw his replica championship belt to the floor.

Suck it up, Michael. At least you didn’t get shot in the eye too.

Thomas Dotterer, on the other hand, did. He got shot point-blank in his right eye during a robbery of the Syracuse liquor store where he has worked for 60-plus years.

He was hospitalized in critical condition and slipped perilously close to death.

It’s highly unlikely he’ll ever see out of his right eye again.

But 77-year-old Dotterer shrugs it off, since getting shot was just a minor inconvenience compared to the week’s larger tragedy:

“The Rock beat Punk — did you know that?” he said to reporters. “That’s the worst thing that has happened to me all week.”

To quote a favorite chant of wrestling fans: “He’s hardcore! He’s hardcore! He’s hardcore!”

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5 Responses to Man Shot in the Eye Says Worst Part of His Week Was WWE Royal Rumble Outcome (VIDEO)

  1. I thought I was having a shitty day then I read this. This made me clap and laugh out loud. And, oh yeah, yell “he’s hardcore!”

  2. Rat'sInTheKitchen says:

    Not sure how straight edge Punk is gonna feel knowing his biggest fan runs a liquor store. But still, gotta like this guy.

    • inverted twist says:

      the owner despises drinking. doesnt drink. only runs the store because it is a family business.

  3. Rat'sInTheKitchen says:

    …and I couldn’t have been more wrong. From Punk’s Tweets:

    Tom Dotterer is amazing. He’s got my respect. If he needs anything from me let me know.

  4. i pray for your quick recovery mr. dotterer. i hope that 19 yr old thug rots in hell! and his apprentice so to speak.their parents must be proud!