Stupid Carjackers Flee Scene When They Realize They Don’t Know How to Drive Stick (VIDEO)

Thinking about stealing a shiny sports car? Maybe verify that you know how to drive stick, first.

A Florida man got to keep his yellow Corvette when two hapless thieves couldn’t figure out how to drive away due to unfamiliarity with standard transmission engines. The gun-toting carjackers eventually fled the scene on foot after they were unsuccessful in getting the car into gear — despite the carjackee’s helpful instructions.

Randolph Bean of Orlando was waiting to pick his wife up from work when he realized he was being approached by two “handsome, young” and armed men who demanded he hand over his wallet and the keys to his ride. They then yanked him from the driver’s seat and told him to lie face-down on the road.

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

The criminals tried to drive away, as any car thieves would, but their stupidity soon shone through.

“They apparently couldn’t start it,” Randolph told FOX 35. I had to tell him four different times to push in the clutch, because it’s a standard transmission.”

“My first thought was I guess we don’t have driver’s ed. in school anymore because no one knows how to drive a stick. And my second thing was, don’t shoot me because you can’t start the car. I’m trying to help you out here, you know. Thankfully they didn’t.”

It’s probably a good thing that the crooks failed to get the car into gear, because they probably would have just crashed it into a building or driven off a bridge.

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