Watch This Awesome 84-Year-Old Grandpa Play Video Games (VIDEO)

Gamer Grandpa

Photo via YouTube

Do you remember the very first time you played a video game?

Remember the euphoria of immersing yourself into a digital fantasy world, in which you have complete control over a powerful onscreen alter-ego?

Although you might remain hooked on gaming for a lifetime, you’ll never quite recapture the magic of that first experience — like a heroin junkie perpetually chasing the elusive dragon.

While most players experience that first rush during childhood, there’s apparently no age limit on losing one’s gaming virginity.

Meet Grandpa. We don’t know his real given name, but we like to think of him a quintessential, lovable grandpa.

Eager to amuse his grandsons — as every grandfather should be — Grandpa agreed to try out that newfangled Xbox contraption the young’uns are always talking about. His grandsons obligingly fired up Black Ops 2 and Halo 4, and handed Grandpa a controller.

The result is priceless.

Grandpa sways and bounces and recoils, as if his bodily motions will affect the gameplay (perhaps he thought he was using Kinect). He barks “reload” like a boss.

He laughs and hollers and squeals in delight.

“It sounds like you’ve both gotta poop,” says someone off-camera.

He provides great amusement of his grandsons (and to hundreds of thousands of other grandsons who have watched him on YouTube).

In short, he totally earns a World’s Greatest Grandpa mug.

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