Gives Android Users A Glimpse Of Twitter’s New Vine, Currently Exclusive to iOS

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Last week, Twitter unveiled Vine, a service for shooting, editing (sort of) and posting six-second video clips to the Internet. Revolutionary? Well… maybe. It sounds like a so-simple-it’s-stupid concept, but there’s been an arms race between tech companies aiming to develop the so-called “Instagram of video.” Twitter just took a large, early lead — among half the country, at least.

In the process of introducing Vine, the people at Twitter casually dropped in the detail that it’s only available to iOS users (for now). Tough luck, Android fanboys. It really is like the Instagram experience, all over again.

Luckily for Google worshipers (including yours truly), it didn’t take long for a new service to sprout up and offer Android users (and the few Windows Phone and BlackBerry users still out there — what are you guys doing?) a tantalizing glimpse into the word of Vine. Or a boring one. It all depends on how much you like to look at six-second clips of iOS users discovering the functionality of their new app.

It’s called and its a streamlined site that offers nothing more than a steady stream of Vines (is that what we’re supposed to call these videos?) as they are posted to the web in real time.

Most of them are incredibly boring. I went expecting to see a bunch of porn. After all, there’s apparently a rash of it right now (bad word choice?). But all I saw were clips of people, pets and extremely mundane life events like snow shoveling and coffee drinking. Perhaps people are still reluctant to share the exciting bits of their lives in video form.

After about five minutes of watching, I finally saw some boobs. It was just a video of still photos of ads for some stupid sex site, though — a huge disappointment. If I want to see still shots of boobs, I can do that on pretty much every website in existence. Come to think of it, I can see moving images of boobs pretty easily, too.

Maybe this Vine thing doesn’t have much of a future after all…

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  1. arent the videos viewable on Android already? I have seen a few posted on twitter already…