‘Bang With Friends’ App Let You Hook Up With Friends You Want to Bang, Ruin Friendships

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We’re all had an attractive friend or two we wouldn’t mind being more than just friends with — even for just one night. This is a tough position to be in, though, because you can’t really come out and tell your friends that you want to sex them up without risking permanent damage to your friendship. If they don’t feel the same way, which is probably, then things are guaranteed to be pretty awkward between the two of you for the rest of your lives. It’s usually not worth the risk to mention your attraction, even if it means that you remain friendzoned forever.

Luckily — maybe — there’s a new web app that aims to solve this problem. It’s called Bang With Friends (an obvious and, frankly, stupid play on Words With Friends) and it gives you the ability to log in anonymously, see a list of your Facebook friends and then select which of your friends you’d be willing to do the deed with — by clicking “down to bang.”

Your friends can then do the same, assuming they also use the app. If your bang-worthy friend adds you to his or her list, and you’ve already done likewise, then the app sends each one of you an email to help facilitate a real-life banging session.

Confused? Here’s a totally ridiculous image that explains the process:

Photo credit: Bang With Friends

The major issue with all of this? It’s going to be pretty much impossible to get your friends to use this app — and it’s totally worthless if you’re the only one rating your hot friends as bangable. If you have the guts to suggest to your friends that they get this app, you might as well just use those guts to tell your friends you want to sleep with them.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, the app’s creator claimed that it’s already helped 100 couples hook up. If you’re completely desperate and willing to risk a friendship for some no-strings-attached sex, maybe give it as shot and see if you can become number 101.

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